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ThuthuatPlus was founded in 2022 providing life science and technology news from authoritative sources on a daily basis. We are interested in different areas of research and engineering. In addition to our daily news, we also provide information on technology competitions, interesting events, happenings and new ideas.

Our main sources of information include the world’s leading universities, research institutes and other organizations, such as research groups or individual authors or their collaborations. In addition to our regular posts based on news and press releases obtained from these sources, we also maintain a separate section of original content. All published articles are classified, archived and freely accessible to the public.

We publish news and articles daily to provide our readers with new and interesting information every time they visit our website.

We welcome contributors from all over the world, as we always follow the most original and up-to-date content. Our editorial team reviews all submitted articles, videos, infographics, interviews, opinions or anything related and provides responses to such requests whenever possible. which is possible. which is possible.

We are always open to new proposals, new ideas and new opportunities. We are also constantly expanding our existing database of news and information channels. If you are interested in contributing content or other forms of collaboration, please send your request to us.

We look forward to welcoming our readers.